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Peru. Shamans, Incas, Machu Picchu and gastronomic discoveries
01.08.2023 - 08.08.20238 days / 7 nights
Machu Picchu with alpacas, shamanic rituals and the most scenic landscapes of Latin America
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LIMA, you’ve been waiting for us, right?
Day One

Welcome to Lima!
We will meet you with the widest Peruvian smiles as Peruvians are always so welcoming. Have a glass of chicha morada. This is a cold Peruvian (almost) mulled wine, brewed with purple corn.
We will immediately take off to our hotel: to get a decent sleep and a good rest. Pay special attention to the furniture as it is hand-made. As for the paintings, they all are for sale and can be all yours!
Today we will stroll along the ocean, enjoy fresh ocean breeze, practice our Spanish pronunciation and start getting used to the slow and relaxing pace of life. 

Around Lima in 24 hours
Day Two

We will have breakfast, grab our maps as well as alpacas’ saliva (apparently it brings good luck) and will be off to conquer the old town.
We will begin our walk in the bohemian district Barranco. Up to the XIX century, this used to be a quiet village until aristocrats from Lima began building their summer mansions here influenced by the vogue for sea-bathing.
Not a single trip by KLUCHI goes without the ritual of making wishes. We will be going to the symbol of romantic Barranco - the Bridge of Sighs. So, hold your breaths and … make a wish!
We will have lunch at the Central Restaurant, ranked in the top 10 restaurants according to the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019. The owners of this restaurant have been travelling around the country for many years in search of unique recipes. We pause and get acquainted with the unique Peruvian cuisine!
After lunch we will continue exploring the city. We take a stroll from Plaza San Martín to Giron de la Union, pass ancient houses and street artists and reach Plaza De Armas. We will later visit the Saint Francis Monastery.

Sacred Valley of the Incas
Day Three

At the break of dawn we will take a flight to Cusco. We will grab oxygen tanks and will be off to the Sacred Valley of the Incas.
We will gradually get used to the altitude of 2000m above sea level and absorb the magical Peruvian atmosphere.
We will have lunch at a traditional hacienda. The Barberis family will welcome us and offer dishes of the Peruvian home cuisine: baked tuna with chilli pepper, juicy lomo saltado and most delicate cream made of Andean corn sara-lava.
After lunch we will check into the hotel surrounded by majestic mountains in the Urubamba River Valley.
In the evening we will relax with a glass of wine, while enjoying bright Peruvian stars.

Salt terraces, Incas laboratory and shamanic ritual
Day Four

Open your curtains, enjoy the morning sunshine and get excited with today’s itinerary.
Our first stop - salt terraces of Maras. The locals will show us the technology used by Incas to extract salt.
Our second stop - Inca Agro Laboratory Terraces, Moray.
The main and most probable hypothesis of how these were used is for agricultural research. Ancient Incas planted crops at different levels of the terraces: potatoes, peas, wheat, and barley. They would observe how various cultivation conditions suit various types of crops.
For lunch we will taste pachamanca. We have already seen how Incas cultivate their vegetables and how they extract salt, now it is time to taste the result of their active agricultural activities!
After our feast, we will get to meet….shamans! The very real ones. Here it is a whole profession and not some kind of a scam.
An energetic ritual by shamans awaits us and it will definitely recharge our “batteries”.
We will not be consuming anything! They will tell fortunes using the coca leaves and display their ritual items of strength.
Recharged we will return to the Valley of Incas. Sweet dreams await us, just as sweet as the picarones donuts…

The jungle is calling!
Day Five

We will have breakfast and then off to the town of Ollantaytambo (don’t try to pronounce it from the first time), jump on the train and take a ride to Machu Picchu.
The trip is approximately two hours, but there will be no time for boredom. Because you will see the most scenic landscapes of Latin America from your window!
We will disembark at Aguas Calientes, a small town elevated at 2000m.
Be aware! Local air can cause a bit of dizziness (Cusco is not to blame).
We will check into a hotel hidden in the jungle, relax and enjoy the scenery. It is important to breathe here. Breathe in on two and breathe out on four!
If you would like to relax, we can visit the thermal pools. Wink twice and we can also go for a hot stone massage or to the spa with coca leaves.
In the evening we will enjoy dinner at a restaurant and Peruvian night sky with distinctive stars.

Incas, lamas and us
Day Six

We will have breakfast, stretch out and off to the new adventures!
It’s not so easy to reach Machu Picchu. But we have a very good guide – he will take us there without following the traditional tourism trails, very few people know these! He will tell us the mysterious story of the ancient city.
Let’s stop for a minute in a temple. Feel the vibe of this place of strength and reenergize your inner spiritual batteries.
 Thereafter we will descend and take a walk around cosy Aguas Calientes.
We will try the best pisco sour in the whole of Peru (this is according to the owners of the bar) :)
We will dance with the local musicians and in the evening will depart the Machu Picchu station.
 In the evening we will be back in Cusco.

Shopping and brand new us!
Day Seven

Cusco can be translated from the Quechua language as the “Navel of the Earth” or the “Centre of the World”.  The thing is, the Incas didn’t travel and were not aware that they were not the only ones on Earth. They believed that their territory was the whole world. Since their capital was in the centre of the world, they called it the “Navel of the Earth”.
 We will visit the most prominent sanctuary of the Sun God Inti, worshiped by the Incas. This sanctuary is also the key Incan observatory, known as the Coricancha Temple.
 We live and don’t ponder about the importance that the stars play in our lives and especially about the significance of the Sun. Coricancha Temple will definitely change the way you think about the world...
 After this, we will go to the San Pedro Market. Here you will have many options to take cool photos, buy presents and have a good bargain.
What should you bring back from Peru? There are plenty of options. Starting with the national attire, not to be found in any other country in the world. Ending with unusual spices and most decadent chocolate.
Peru is a country, which should be visited with an empty suitcase. As there is so much to buy. It doesn’t matter how many gallons of pisco you purchased, the most important is that you will be taking home the new you.
In the evening we will celebrate our fruitful shopping at a gala-dinner! The head chef knows that we’ve been to top Peruvian restaurants and he still promises to surprise us. And we are ready to be surprised!

Until we meet again, Peru!
Day Eight

Today we don’t have to wake up at dawn; we have the luxury to sleep a bit longer.
Time to have a farewell cup of coffee, take a deep breath and go to the airport.

Peru is an extraordinary country, do you agree? People were our KEYs in this trip.
Remarkable, friendly, kind-hearted. Just want to hug them all and say thank you for sharing their smiles with us.
This country is in people’s faces!
We will take you to the airport, however, you are welcome to stay a little longer, if you wishJ and take a trip to Lake Titicaca in search of shamans or experience a 4x4 ride in the Uyuni Salt Flat. Or go to the Amazon jungle.
Just give us a wink and we will arrange everything!

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  • • Entrance fee to Maras Salt Terraces
  • • Entrance fee to Moray terraces
  • • Shamanic ritual pago a la tierra
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  • Peru is open for tourists from the Russian Federation as well as for all tourists, with the exception of citizens of South Africa and Brazil or passengers, who have made a layover in these countries (or transited through these) in the last fourteen (14) calendar days, prior to travelling to Peru.
  • Mandatory quarantine is no longer required for passengers coming in with negative COVID-19 test. Mandatory quarantine is only necessary for Peruvian citizens and passengers coming from India, South Africa and Brazil (citizens of those countries and all those who visited these countries in the last 14 days).
  • Passengers must complete an “Affidavit of Health and Geolocation Authorization” in English or Spanish 72 hours before departure.
  • Russian citizens planning to visit the country for tourism purposes do not require a visa to Peru.
  • As soon as you fill in the form,Your personal manager will provide with a contract, a list of necessary documents, journey picularities and answer all your questions.
  • From the bottom we are going to be with you 24/7 to support and assist in all your question. Care above all!
  • Health insurence covering COVID-19 withing your journey is our gift to you!
  • We refund the payment in case of closed borders.
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Trip details

“Travelling is all about people, not about unique itineraries
(which we offer by default).”
We have selected the very best hotels for you! Hotels, where Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles enjoyed their pisco sour. Castle hotels and those hidden high in the mountains, we have the KEYS for them all!
Shamans will hold a spiritual ritual, which will recharge your inner “batteries”. We will not be consuming anything! They will tell fortunes using the coca leaves and display ritual items of strength.
It’s not so easy to reach Machu Picchu. But we have a very good guide – he will take us there without following the traditional tourism trails, very few people know these! He will tell us the mysterious story of the ancient city.
We have prepared for you a truly amazing gastronomical experience at one of the top 10 restaurants in the world, according to the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, where you will become familiar with the traditional Peruvian cuisine. We also have the KEYS to top bars, where they make the very best pisco sour with fluffy white top!
Incas are the creators of one of the most ancient empires in South America. We will visit the capital of the Inca Empire – Cusco, see Moray - the “Inca city”, will reenergize in the sun rays at the holiest Inca temple and will even taste Inca cuisine.
Peruvians are very kind-hearted people that honour their traditions. No wonder, as there are so many of them! We will delve into a different world, sometimes not so well understood, but unbelievably colourful and fascinating!
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