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African Western: where the desert meets the ocean
19.05.2023 - 26.05.20238 days / 7 nights
An endless desert, ocean and game drive
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Welcome to Namibia!
Day One

We will meet you at the airport of the Namibian capital with a peculiar name Windhoek. A piece of little Germany (unexpected, right?), colonial and inspirational country. We will be off to the hotel, where we will meet each other and the organisers.
Windhoek is a small city and it is rather difficult to comprehend that it is the Namibian capital. One of the main city’s attractions is Joe's Beer House.
Just as the locals say: “If you haven’t been to Joe's Beer House, you haven’t been to Namibia”. Here, one can taste steaks of exotic wild animals and beer from local breweries.
Taste and enjoy!

Sandy ocean of the Namib Desert
Day Two

In the morning we will be going on a wild Namibian sandy ocean cruise, ocean of parks, natural areas and wild animals.
Our point of destination – comfort amongst desert hills. Oasis is our home for the near future.
The name “Namib” is derived from the Nama language, implying “an area where there is nothing.” The Namib Desert is extremely arid (it gets only 10-13 mm of rain annually) and, with the exception of several coastal towns, is almost uninhabited. Namibia was the first country in the world to incorporate environment conservation into its national legislation. National parks and conservation areas cover almost 1/8 of the country’s territory.
We will welcome the sunset while having a very delicious dinner prepared by the local chefs and a chilled glass of bubbly!

In the middle of nowhere
Day Three

Today you will see amazing peach coloured endless sandy sea. We will have breakfast like true travellers – in nature! And then we will be off to get acquainted with the Dune.
Dune 45 is the most photographed and most well-known dune in the world.
We will ascend the dune in the coolness of the early morning to enjoy a breathtaking view of the desert in the first rays of sun.
We will take hundreds of photos here, climb to the very top, see other dunes from the top and will meditate for ourselves ….
What would you wish for?
In such places the expanse gets our wishes more clearly, so don’t be shy! Send your requests :)

Later we will jump into our 4x4s to drive to the highlight of our trip – Sossusvlei.
Red sand, petrified dunes, canyons and endless desert areas – is this, what they call “the energy of the universe”?

The road to the ocean. A different kind of Namibia
Day Four

Today you will see a different kind of Namibia. Not so red, not so hot. We will be going to Swakopmund. Yay!
This is an amazing town, established by the German settlers at the end of the XIX century. Nowadays, it has become famous as the best sea resort in Namibia.
We will check into our hotel and meet at dinner. Namibian cuisine awaits us – a mixture of African cuisine with German culinary traditions and seafood, of course, as well as legendary Namibian oysters!

We will admire the sunset and pink flamingos (we remember from our childhood that a pink flamingo is a child of sunset. So, we have the sunset and flamingos, bingo, a perfect match!)

Oysters, pelicans, oceans
Day Five

A good Swakopmund morning!
Are you ready to taste Africa? From the very morning, a catamaran loaded with bubbly, oysters and snacks awaits us.
We will make selfies with the pelicans, comb a faux hawk to the seals, find out how oysters are grown on a farm and if we are lucky (and we surely are!) will meet the dolphins.
Later, we will go to a place where the ocean meets the desert… We will change our water transport to 4x4s and will drive to the dunes. We will go for a spin in the desert ocean, conquering one dune after another.
We will enjoy the sunset in a hard-to-reach Pelican Point restaurant, situated on a sandbar. It is the place where time stops. Enjoy.

Shopping, bushmen and game drive aesthetics
Day Six

You will have free time in the morning. Time to take a stroll through Swakopmund and to buy souvenirs and presents. We will tell you where to go and how to bargain.
Later we will go to visit the bushmen. They will demonstrate their daily routine and will offer you their traditional delicacies – ant larvae and fried locusts. It is not customary to refuse the offer!
We are just joking! Bushmen as easily accept a refusal, as they are accustomed to stunned European faces.
Tonight we will be sleeping over in a lodge, hidden amongst trees and green lawns. It is here where you feel the classical aesthetics of a safari lodge: white bed curtains, roaming elephants on the lodge’s grounds and cold German beer, served for dinner.

National Geographic and the road to the West
Day Seven

With the break of dawn we will depart for a game drive at the Erindi Private Game Reserve. More than 70,000 hectares of untouched natural wonderland.
This says it all. Our goal is to see all those animals, which we read about in fairy tales and which we enjoyed looking at in the zoo. Elephants, rhinos, antelopes and wild African dogs. Have you ever seen how a giraffe drinks water?
We will fill the phone memory with funny photos with hippos and will be going back to Windhoek.
In the evening we will meet at our gala-dinner, recall the best trip moments, exchange contacts, photos and, of course, agree where we will meet next time!

Time to say goodbye!
Day Eight

We will take you to the airport. Tears and hugs, promises to meet again… Maybe in Japan or perhaps again in Africa? As Africa makes you fall in love with her, even if you are the most discerning traveller!
Have a safe flight back and until we meet again!

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Trip details

“Travelling is all about people, not about unique itineraries
(which we offer by default).”
This is an amazing city, considered to be the best sea resort in Namibia. Comfortable climate, cosy atmosphere and warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
The name “Namib” is derived from the Nama language, implying “an area where there is nothing.” Our destination point – comfort amongst the desert hills. It is incredible to wake up in the middle of nowhere.
White salty clay pan, sun-blackened trees, dried out 800 years ago and the largest red sand dunes in the world. A remarkable place, unlike anything else!
A place where the ocean meets the desert. We will glide down the high dunes in our 4x4s, climb into the dunes, ride on the tip of the dune, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and will get a feel of unbelievable freedom and sense of infinity.
Bushmen – the indigenous tribe of Southern Africa, which has the most ancient ethno type and are the bearers of the earliest haplogroup A Y-chromosome. They will gladly demonstrate their daily routine and will offer you to try their traditional delicacies.
Our goal is to see all those animals, which we read about in fairy tales and which we enjoyed looking at in the zoo. Elephants, rhinos, antelopes. Have you ever seen how a giraffe drinks water?
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