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Cape town. New year trip
29.12.2023 - 05.01.20248 days / 7 nights
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We will meet you at the airport of the city, synonymous with festivities, summer and wine! A glass of bubbly and fresh fruit to welcome you and then off to the hotel.
Our hotel is a symbiosis of great service, cosiness, African atmosphere and great location. To sum up: African vibes – 10/10.
After you rest a bit from your travels, we will ascend the Table Mountain – Cape Town’s main draw card.
After our climb, we will be going for dinner to one of the best steak houses on the Atlantic coast. We will taste South African biltong, which is a perfect match for a glass of red wine.

African Big Five and steamy African dancing

One cannot come to Africa and not see the Big Five: an elephant, a lion, a leopard, an African buffalo and a rhino. You will also see giraffes, hippos, hyenas, zebras, antelopes and many-many other African animals in the wild. Have your cameras ready.
Have you tummies ready for dinner as 11 dishes from the whole African Continent will be awaiting us! Traditional maize bread in pots, samosa, ostrich salad, buck meat, fish prepared the Zimbabwean way.
Let’s taste and celebrate life!

Sport cars and New Year party

Expect a very cool experience in the morning.
We will take a ride in legendary Cobras AC along one of the most scenic routes in the world - Chapman's Peak Drive. “Cobra” is one of the most vibrant examples of the 1960s, the perfect shape of the car’s body still impresses us today.
This car made appearances in “Gone in 60 Seconds”, “Bad Boys” and “Iron Man”. Today we make our own movie, where we are behind the wheel and play the lead role!
It doesn’t matter that it is summer in Cape Town now as the locals are celebrating Christmas!
Today we celebrate New Year!
The Royal Oyster Bar will open its doors exclusively for us. Just for one evening, octopus and lobsters experts will turn into Olivier salad makers, and the sommelier will be offering a piece of paper and a pen together with a glass of champagne instead of oysters.
Oysters will also be served!
Clock chimes, making wishes and a real New Year, into which we will be going with great company at the edge of the world!

Hello, 2022!

We will wake up in 2022.
Hopefully, you had enough time to make all the wishes that you wanted to. If not, don’t worry, tomorrow we will be making more wishes at the Cape of Good Hope!
We will be going to the Idiom winery after lunch. Perfect climate conditions, variety of grapes and top blends, all of this allows Idiom to continuously keep leading positions at various competitions.
You definitely will not be able to taste such wines in Russia!
We will be going back to the hotel after the wine tasting, where we will, among others, try the best South African “Bordeaux blend”.

The Cape of Good Hope and penguins

Today we are going to the Cape of Good Hope!
KLUCHI (KEYS) have their own tradition of making wishes come true specifically at this location. We will tell you what to do.
Here we will meet baboons and ostriches, and will ascend to the Cape Point Lighthouse – a place where two oceans meet. We will celebrate this with a glass of bubbly and will be going to see the penguins.
A long time ago just two penguins were brought here and now there are colonies of these birds. One can go for a swim with the penguins and take a selfie.
Don’t be shy, choose the cutest one!
We will have dinner at a seafood restaurant and will be back to the hotel to have bright African dreams.

Wine routes of South Africa

They used to say that all roads lead to Rome. We have an answer to this saying:
All roads lead to Stellenbosch – one of the oldest, well-known and important wine regions of South Africa.
We will eat grapes from vines, will go down the cellars and will have a picnic with wine tasting at the Hidden Valley vineyards.
Thereafter, we will try our luck at the Ernie Els winery. The lucky one, who will hit the ball in the hole, will receive a complimentary bottle of wine. For this reason, one should play a game of golf, do you agree?
We will stay for dinner at the fine dining restaurant, located at the winery.

Today is your day!

KLUCHI always leave time during the trip for your own enjoyment to allow you to wander around the city, to shop or to visit a museum, choose presents and souvenirs.
We will take you to the city centre and will give tips on how to find the MOMMA museum or the slavery museum, where to have the most delicious coffee or how to find an oyster bar and the way to the local market.
In the evening we will meet for a gala-dinner at the jazz restaurant. Gratitude, hugs, tears and promises to meet again. Perhaps in Italy, Japan or America?

Time to say goodbye!

We will check-out after breakfast, have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. We will be going to the airport with a feeling that we shall definitely come back.
Just because the edge of the world, its magic and all our adventures there will make you want to live twice as powerful. To live with all your might.
Have a pleasant flight and until we meet again!

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Trip price:
Inclusive of hotel accommodation on a double/twin basis
3 500
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✅ Included:
  • • Hotel accommodation on a double/twin basis (single at an extra 900$)
  • • All breakfasts at the hotel
  • • Festive dinner with drinks and entertainment
  • • Game drive with lunch
  • • Wine tasting and snacks at the Hidden Valley
  • • Wine tasting and snacks at the Idiom winery
  • • Special wine tasting at the Ernie Els winery
  • • Comfortable transfer
  • • Group transfer from the airport (flight ЕТ-847 13:45)
  • • Group transfer to the airport (flight ЕТ-846 14:35)
  • • Cobra AC drive
  • • Table Mountain entrance fee
  • • Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point entrance fee
  • • The penguin beach entrance fee
  • • Translation and assistance
  • • Complimentary drinks arranged by KLUCHI
  • • Medical insurance covering COVID, provided complimentary by KLUCHI (KEYS)
❌ Not included:
  • • International flight
  • • Meals outside of the itinerary
  • • Tips and personal expenses
  • • Late check-in and check-out from the hotel
  • • Refundable deposit 8000ZAR (530$) to your bank card for Cobra AC ride
  • • Mini-bar and other extras at the hotel
Additional services:
  • ✅Discount for a customized trip (before/after the main trip)
    *calculated based on travel itinerary
  • ✅Electronic visa support
  • ✅Health questionnaire assistance
  • ✅Exchange and return of air tickets
  • ✅Air ticket travel date changes
  • ✅Online check-in and cancellation of online check-in
  • ✅Mobile connection during the trip (e-sim or sim card, at least 5gb of data)
  • ✅Extended travel insurance (increased insurance value and additional options)

  • 250$ + additional insurance amount
  • Russian sitizens are not required visa for 90 days
  • PCR test should be performed not more than 72 hours prior to departure. Travellers need to complete an electronic traveller’s declaration form online through the Anvisa website and together with a negative PCR test present to the airline prior to boarding.
  • As soon as you fill in the form,Your personal manager will provide with a contract, a list of necessary documents, journey picularities and answer all your questions.
  • From the bottom we are going to be with you 24/7 to support and assist in all your question. Care above all!
  • Health insurence covering COVID-19 withing your journey is our gift to you!
  • We refund the payment in case of closed borders.
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Trip details

“Travelling is all about people, not about unique itineraries
(which we offer by default).”
Mother city at the end of the world, where two oceans meet, stories about mariners, Bartolomeu Dias, apartheid and much more, what we learned in geography classes!
We will take a ride in sporty Cobras AC along one of the most scenic routes in the world - Chapman's Peak Drive. We will stop to take photos and will feed seals at the port.
We will visit the top wineries on the continent, will go down the cellars, will do wine tasting and will for sure figure out the bouquets of local wines! So, which grape variety has five fingers?
We will take a selfie with the cutest penguin, will see animals, which we read about in books in our childhood and will try to find the African Big Five: an elephant, a lion, a leopard, an African buffalo and a rhino.
The Cape of Good Hope is the southernmost point of Africa. We will make a wish exactly at the point where two oceans meet. It will 100% come true. Numerously checked!
This evening, one of the top bars in Cape Town will open its doors exclusively for you! We will have a real feast with traditional Olivier salad, caviar and champagne!
Отзывы людей мира
Друзья! Эта страница не для личных амбиций и самолюбования. Она создана с одной-единственной целью — бескорыстная помощь детям из разных городов и стран. У нас нет своего фонда, но мы помогаем "Дому с маяком" (Россия) и лагерю "Восход" (Замбия). Подробнее об этом тут.
Если вы путешествуете с нами, знайте — благодаря вам такие проекты продолжают развиваться. ;) Потому что каждый наш путешественник — заочный благотворитель.