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Samba at the Copacabana beach, bird’s eye view of Rio, breakfast with a view of Iguazu Falls
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Welcome to Rio!
Day One

City of carnivals, party city, world wonder, a city that inspires and stays in your heart forever!
We will meet you at the Rio de Janeiro International Airport. We will cool down with a sip of lemonade and off we go to the hotel. We will be staying at the Belmond hotel chain.
A sip of chilled Caipirinha and we are off to the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer!
So much has been written about it, so many words spoken and so many photos taken. However, once you see the statue with your own eyes, you will realise that this grandeur is utterly impossible to describe with words.
In such places, you begin to admire the capabilities of human beings!
Things we are capable of!


Around Rio in 24 hours
Day Two

Bom dia!
This means “good morning” in Portuguese. This language is pure music to our ears!
Today we will take a helicopter ride above fabulous Rio and will see its contrasts: poverty-stricken favelas, fancy beaches and amazing landscapes.
A couple of days ago we were packing our suitcases in anticipation of an unforgettable Brazilian holiday. And now we are circling above the city and trying to hold our phone with trembling hands to capture this beauty.
Rio is covered in pink haze, which makes it more languishing and romantic.
We land, catch our breath and off we go to the Botanical garden. Why do we love Southern countries? For their palm trees, of course! There are more than 900 varieties here!
We will have a delicious lunch, taste local cuisine dishes and go back to our hotel.

Futurism and Caipirinha
Day Three

Indeed, a good Brazilian morning starts with a cup of aromatic coffee!
Brazilian coffee with its amazing soft nutty taste, gentle, very subtle acidity and chocolate flavour.
Today we will be conquering the Selaron Steps – true madness! Chilean artist Jorge Selarón decorated 125 meters of steps by hand. To do this, he brought more than 2000 bright mosaic tiles from different parts of the world. This is the largest work of art under open skies in the world, created by a single person!
Let’s pop into the Metropolitan Cathedral (aka Saint Sebastian Cathedral).
The Cathedral resembles a Maya pyramid or a skyscraper, or an industrial cooling tower. Anything, but a Cathedral.
The cathedral features four massive windows on its facade, each spanning 64 meters and decorated with colourful mosaics (almost the size of the entire cathedral!) On sunny days, there are thousands of sun rays all around the cathedral! A truly magical atmosphere!
We farewell the sun on top of the Sugarloaf Mountain. It indeed looks like a lump of sugar (brown cane sugar, of course!) 
Today we have dinner at a trendy bar. According to the locals, it is here, where they make the best Caipirinha.
Let’s check it out!

Emperor’s summer house, Buddhist Temple and a brewery
Day Four

Let’s put away our flip-flops and pareos and take out linen pants as we are off to the summer house in the mountains.
Sounds unusual, right?
In the past, Petropolis was the place where the Brazilian imperial family would spend their summer holidays.
The mountain road passes through the Serra dos Orgaos National Park. It is such a pleasure to travel here.
Look left – feast for the eyes!
Look right – feast for the eyes too!
As true tourists, we begin our visit to the Imperial grounds with the Quitandinha Palace (previously a hotel and a casino, which looks like a German gingerbread house), we continue to the Crystal Palace (where the Emperor’s family welcomed their guests) and finish off with a pint of beer at a local brewery.
This is the oldest (!) brewery in Brazil.
After this, we divert from the typical tourist itinerary and will go to a place, where the Uber doesn’t go to. Don’t panic, it is safe. More than you think…
Our next stop is the Valley of Love, where eastern gardens, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity co-exist in true harmony.
We are back at the hotel to enjoy colourful dreams.

To be free!
Day Five

We have become familiar with this city.

That’s why it will be so pleasant to spend some quality time on our own: go for a swim, visit museums and markets, purchase a colourful pareo and souvenirs, take a samba class or go to a football match.

Wonders of Iguazu Falls
Day Six

Are you ready to be amazed?
We will fly to Foz do Iguaçu. We will check into a luxurious hotel, which is overlooking… ONE OF THE SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD!
Iguazu Falls consist of more than 200 (!) cascade waterfalls. We begin our trip on the Brazilian side of the park (there is also an Argentinean one). From a high bridge above the waterfalls we will see the largest fall known as the “Devil’s Throat”.
We will spend the evening at our luxurious hotel enjoying the moment!

Coffee with a view of the wonder of the world, river trip and bird garden
Day Seven

Are you ready to be amazed?
We will fly to Foz do Iguaçu. We will check into a luxurious hotel, which is overlooking… ONE OF THE SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD!
Iguazu Falls consist of more than 200 (!) cascade waterfalls. We begin our trip on the Brazilian side of the park (there is also an Argentinean one). From a high bridge above the waterfalls we will see the largest fall known as the “Devil’s Throat”.
We will spend the evening at our luxurious hotel enjoying the moment!

Adios, Brazil!
Day Eight

We will check-out after breakfast, have a cup of aromatic coffee or a glass of chilled Caipirinha and we will be off to the airport with a feeling that one day we are destined to come back!
Just because Brazil is delicious, vibrant, colossal and unlike anything else.
Safe flight and until we meet again!

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  • • Entrance fee to the Botanical Garden
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Trip details

“Travelling is all about people, not about unique itineraries
(which we offer by default).”
We will drink chilled Caipirinhas at the famous Copacabana beach, ascend to the statue of Christ the Redeemer, watch the sunset at the Sugarloaf Mountain and will see Rio from the bird’s eye view!
Just imagine: you go for breakfast, sit down in a cosy armchair, sip aromatic Brazilian coffee, while looking at the World Wonder – the Iguazu Falls.
We will visit the Emperor’s summer home in Petropolis, sit at the Emperor’s table in the Crystal Palace (Palacio de Cristal), experience a movie-like atmosphere at the casino hotel and will meditate for the next trip in an open-air Buddhist Temple.
4000 meters of golden sand! Yes, it is the one, the legendary Copacabana beach. Just imagine seeing it right below your windows!
Brazil is full of surprises. In this multinational and multicultural country one will find a myriad of different religions. In the Valley of Love, eastern gardens, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity co-exist in true harmony.
Brazil is, indeed, regarded as the most gastronomic country in South America: aromatic Brazilian coffee for breakfast, Brazilian BBQ (churrasco), Brazilian prawns with coconut milk and a glass of chilled Caipirinha, of course!
Отзывы людей мира
Друзья! Эта страница не для личных амбиций и самолюбования. Она создана с одной-единственной целью — бескорыстная помощь детям из разных городов и стран. У нас нет своего фонда, но у нас есть друг с большим сердцем, наполненной безграничной любовью — Иосиф. Возможно, вы уже знакомы с ним заочно. У Юры Дудя есть выпуск «Русская Замбия». Если не смотрели — рассказываем. Иосиф — тот человек, который вытаскивает мальчишек из неблагополучных семей, плохих компаний и смутных перспектив (подробнее об этом тут).
Если вы путешествуете с нами, знайте — благодаря вам проекты Иосифа продолжают развиваться. ;) Потому что каждый наш путешественник — заочный благотворитель.