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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer group tours only?
Please contact us and we will gladly assist you with personalised tour options, taking into account all your needs and special requirements.
Do you offer accommodation options for single occupancy?
Yes, we can work out the cost of your trip based on single occupancy and we will assist you with all the relevant hotel bookings.
Do you have an office?
No, our team members are based in different locations around the world. We work online. This allows us to have our representatives in various cities and countries as well as gives us the flexibility to always stay in touch with you.
Do you offer assistance with air ticket bookings and insurance policies?
Our travellers receive complimentary basic medical cover for the number of days booked. More comprehensive medical and travel cover options are available upon request. We assist with finding the most convenient flight options for the trip.
What happens if the trip is cancelled/if there are not enough travellers for a group tour?
If the trip cannot be undertaken due to closed borders on either side, due to quarantine requirements in the country of arrival or mandatory quarantine in the country of arrival, you will be either refunded, offered to postpone the trip, or offered an alternative trip with KLUCHI.
How much cash should one take with?
This depends on the country as well as on your style of travel. Before the trip you will receive a memo, highlighting all the essential items for the trip as well as travel tips for each country. We will also give recommendations on the out- of-pocket expenses.
Will I be able to extend my stay in the country after the trip/arrive before the start of the trip?
Yes, of course We will gladly recommend you places for sightseeing and further travel. We provide personalised itinerary compilation services for the days outside of your main trip.
Will I be able to combine 2 trips in the same country/region?
With pleasure! Our travel schedule for the year is compiled in such a manner that it is convenient for our travellers to combine different trips. Usually, there are 3 days between the trips, which gives you ample time to change your location and to relax a bit before your next adventure.
We will gladly assist you with combining different trips.
How do I pay for the trip?
You can either pay a deposit or do a full payment via:
- A bank card through the online payment system on our website
- Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)/Money Order
How do I book the trip?
Select the trip you like. Click on the “Want to go” button”, which will take you to the pre-payment page – a deposit of RUB 40,000 per traveller. After the deposit payment, you will receive an email with the payment receipt and the letter of registration.
Presto! You are now booked!
We will be asking for your passport details to be included in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and used for making hotel booking.
See you shortly, dear Traveler :)
Do the trips cater for children?
Yes, families and children are welcome. Children, starting from the age of 6 are mostly welcome on our trips.
Does the trip include self-time?
You will definitely have free time to wander around the city outside of the tour group. We will provide you with useful recommendations for your free time.
I would like to join the trip by myself. Do you often have solo travellers?
We have equally high demand from solo travellers. From the first day when the travellers meet each other, the vibe in the group is homely and positive. You will encounter new experiences and broaden your mind set, share your feelings with other members of the group, which will definitely become your friends not only during the trip, but long after that
What if I become COVID 19 positive during the trip?
If you do not have a medical cover, you will receive a complimentary one from us prior to the trip. Please inform our booking manager, should you require a medical cover.
Should you become unwell due to COVID 19, all hospital admission procedures will be in accordance with the medical insurance terms and conditions. All hospital and related costs are dealt through the medical insurance.
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