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Dear friends,
This page is not for personal ambitions and self-admiration. It was created with one main goal - to selflessly help kids from different cities and countries.

We do not have our own fund, but we have a friend, Iosif, who has a very big heart filled with infinite love. Perhaps, you already know him at second hand. If you don’t, here is his story:)

Iosif Timchenko is from St. Petersburg. He was a butler to Axel Witsel and Yuri Lodygin, professional footballers who play for Zenith FC.

In January 2019 Iosif and his family came to Lusaka (Zambia) with a burning desire to help local slum children. He just knew that there was nobody else to lend a helping hand. They slope the streets without kith or kin, not going to school because their parents cannot afford it, have nowhere to play as there is no infrastructure. There is no future for them.

Well, there was no future until Iosif’s arrival :)

It was here where he had built a football stadium, set up a football camp and began training children. This is not big sport, this is a game that develops, teaches and unifies them. There is finally a fully equipped youth football camp “Voskhod” in Lusaka, which is enjoyed by approximately 120 children on a monthly basis.

Thanks to Iosif many children now have access to education. In Zambia, you have to pay for education and not all parents can afford this. That’s why so many kids end up wandering around the slums instead of attending classes. They simply don’t have the means to. “My idea was to bring the game to the kids. And through this game to show them the way to school”.

Here, Iosif’s appetite for helping out those in need got even bigger. After coming back home, he went to the North of Russia, where he held a series of games for children of remote regions of Russia, such as Yakutia, Magadan region and Chukotka. These games are simply called “Games of the North”. It was here, where he had worked with children from the vulnerable communities. Now, they have a personal psychologist, whom they can approach with any question and receive support. Boys made friends. They now visit each other in different towns and cities, plan their leisure activities and have friendly football matches.

Iosif also runs a “VySotka” media project on YouTube. It is about people with big and kind hearts, just like his own. The stories of special individuals, indifferent to the fate of young kids living in the slums. The stories of those who selflessly bring kindness into this world and who decided to dedicate their lives to charity and community work.

If you travel with us, you should know that it is because of you, that Iosif’s charity projects can excel and grow further:) Each of our valuable customers is a benefactor by default.

Iosif sends his gratitude and warmly hugs you, even though he has not met you personally. Nevertheless, this is not so important, right? :)

Iosif Timchenko
I invited all interested kids of different ages to play football at the “Voskhod” football camp. There are 200 kids at the Camp in total. 20 boys aged between 12 and 15 years were selected among them. They are the backbone of the “Voskhod” football team. Currently, I’m in the process of selecting 20 more kids of the same age to form another team. 20 boys and 20 girls attend football training on a weekly basis. We are planning friendly matches with teams from Lusaka and neighbouring towns in the near future. This is just the beginning! Any support is highly appreciated and is crucial for our camp. I can play with kids with a ball made out of cello tape and nibble on sugar cane or we can have quality sports equipment and my kids will have nourishing meals.