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KLUCHI is all about bespoke travel experiences around the world and your personal evolvement.
16 countries
and 33 regions
more than 2000
fulfilled wishes
more than 100 trips
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Our philosophy
Travellers are becoming independent and tour operators end up offering basic services, such as flights, accommodation and entertainment. That’s it in a nutshell.
Once, I was flying to Tbilisi. I pulled out a magazine from the seat in front of me and opened it on the front page and the following caught my eye: You can consider your trip unsuccessful, if you don’t come back with at least one name.
Wow, that was a true revelation!
You should return with a NAME from every trip and only then it’s a wrap. A worthy trip is not just about sunbathing in Dubai or taking every excursion in Rome. It is about people and not about unique itineraries (which we offer anyway).
Travel enriches you and travel with the right people can completely change your world. Let’s go :)
Anna Moskvitina
Founder of KLUCHI
KLUCHI is all about people, you know that by now, hey? :) We are totally and utterly in love with what we do, we are the unstoppable perfectionists, whose dream is to conquer the world and the universe, of course :)
Anya Moskvitina
Anya Moskvitina
Anastasia Umovskaya
Anastasia Umovskaya
Milena Titareva
Milena Titareva
Brand manager
Anya Zaharina
Anya Zaharina
Creator of tours and itineraries
Bespoke travel experiences with KLUCHI is all about yachting, golf, surfing, yoga or shopping at the most fascinating locations around the world with KEY experts. A trip with KLUCHI is not just about sunbathing in Dubai or taking every excursion in Rome, it is about people.
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